MANITOU SPRINGS — Jack Denton began painting at a young age and has traveled across the globe to paint landscapes.

“I was an only child and we were the only house on the street,” said Denton. “My mom did a great job of buying me art supplies and so I’ve just been doing that all along.”

In 2012, Denton moved to Colorado Springs and immediately was inspired by Pikes Peak.

“The day that I moved in, it was in October and it was raining,” said Denton. “Oh great, but it turned to snow on the peak and I go, I get the peak now, it was awesome.”

His first collection of oil paintings of Pikes Peak was showcased in 2019 at Garden of the Gods Club.

“The response was good so four years later, a new book and another 100 paintings, which I’m actually featuring today here at the historic Broadhurst Manor,” said Denton.

The second collection of oil paintings were on display on Wednesday at the Briarhurst Manor.

Jack Denton sharing his second collection of oil paintings of Pikes Peak

“After ten years I’ve found so many historic and visually compelling surfaces,” said Denton. “So the colors are changing constantly. I’ve got many times I’ll get up before sunrise and watch it come in and it’s vermilion and fuchsia and it’s just great all the time.”

Denton also published his second book showcasing his work. The cover of the book is one of his favorite works.

Pikes Peak America’s Mountain Volume II completed by Jack Denton

“The grand peak, the clouds are so prominent and I think it pulls in these weather systems and so on,” said Denton.

Denton said he continues to find different viewpoints of Pikes Peak to share.

One of Denton’s paintings on display

“I love the North Face. Also, I’m exploring now other areas, Victor and Cripple Creek and Parker, and all places to see it from different vantage points, said Denton. “But certainly from the Springs, through the Garden of the Gods looking west and seeing the east face is just phenomenal.”

When looking to the future, Denton said he hopes to continue painting America’s Mountain.

“It’s just magical with the history and also the geology and so vast and so atmospheric. It just gives me stuff every day,” said Denton. “After ten years, I’m more jazzed up than ever about painting America’s Mountain.”

The gallery is open at the Briarhurst Manor until Saturday, Sept. 17 with reception hours from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Denton’s paintings and books are available for purchase.