COLORADO SPRINGS — Seaman Irvin Adair is a World War II hero.

“He went from beginning to end with the Japan surrender there right in Tokyo Bay and he’s watching right from the bow of the ship,” said Col. William Becker.

He is also a grandpa.

“He showed us the right way to live our lives and to work hard,” said grandson, SSG. Bryan Becker.

Saturday, the American Auxiliary Post 209 celebrated Adair turning 100 years old.

“To be able to see everybody turn out just to celebrate his birthday is fantastic,” said his other grandson, 2LT. William Becker.

Adair joined the Navy in 1942, and those who know him said he’s an inspiration.

“I met Irvin Adair back in 1978 when I was a young cadet at the Air Force Academy,” Col. Becker said. “It was great to meet a man like him with his experience that he had in World War Two on the USS Uhlmann. What he went through over there was just amazing.”

Adair when he signed on with the Navy.

Adair’s combat stories were just as motivating as his stories of his “quiet days”.

“They’d do target practice on mines that they picked up out of the ocean just to make them blow up for something to do,” Col. Becker said. “So this is what these kids were doing in World War Two. So, they weren’t Tik-Toking. They weren’t Instagramming. They were serving their country.”

His resourcefulness he learned through the Great Depression was something his grandkids still remember to this day.

“A lot of the neighborhood kids were getting all the cool… new water guns and we didn’t have that luxury at the time,” SSG. Becker said. “He washed out Mrs. [Butterworth’s] syrup bottles with a squirt bottle and filled them up and said ‘go give them hell’.”

That military mindset is now carried through the generations.

“We’d hear war stories all the time,” 2LT. Becker said. “My dad was Air Force and so between my dad and grandpa and father it just seemed like a good fit. And Air Force seems a little bit more my speed, whereas the Navy… being out there in the middle of the ocean… that’s some scary business.”

Congressman Doug Lamborn (R) also presented a title celebrating Adair’s 100th birthday before the House of Representatives which was read during the ceremony that highlighted his time serving in the war and his legacy after.