COLORADO SPRINGS — One man with terminal kidney cancer is spreading positivity and inspiration in a unique way.

“All I can take with me is memories. So, I started asking random strangers if they wanted matching tattoos with me.”

Don Caskey has more tattoos on his body than most people. And most of them are matching.

“I expected maybe ten or fifteen people would get matching tattoos with me,” Caskey said. “But now we’re here. This is number four-hundred-and-forty-two.”

This ambitious goal of getting as many matching tattoos as possible began with some difficult news.

“In December of 2019, I got diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer.”

Caskey receives a matching tattoo from Fallen Hero Tattoo.

And, the following summer, he was resolved.

“I remember looking at my left hand and I said, you know, that’s the hand that has been dealt. That’s what I got to play. I’ve got two options. Option one is I sit in a room and just feel sorry for myself and let this stuff take me. Or I go out and live and enjoy what I got. I chose option two.”

Within six weeks of approaching several different people, he got his first matching tattoo with someone from a sports bar.

“She was bartending, and a couple days later we got tattoos. From then, it just kind of blew up,” Caskey said.

Since then, each interaction has become a unique part of him.

“I’m super stoked we came across each other,” said Eli Andrew.

On Thursday, Caskey got a matching tattoo with Marie.

Andrew said he was working downtown at Bambino’s Urban Pizzeria when Caskey came in and asked about Andrew’s tattoos.

“When he kind of told me his story about what he’s doing getting these matching tattoos with strangers it was kind of a no-brainer to go for it and see if that was something I could experience with him,” Andrew said.

Alaura Marie said she was grabbing some coffee and was thrown off guard when Caskey approached her in the street.

“I was like, oh, you’re a tattoo artist. That’s… maybe, I don’t know. We’ll see. And he was like ‘no, I’m not’. I sat down with him and he told me his story and I was like ‘okay, yeah let’s get matching tattoos then tomorrow’,” Marie said, laughing at the memory of the encounter.

But one thing that those who have met him say is that he has an amazing story to tell.

“He’s got his thing, he’s doing it and — like — seeing that makes me want to do my thing and get after it now,” Andrew said. “I’m happy to have met him and he’s set me on a path.”

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