(COLORADO SPRINGS) — In October, the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) stopped 29-year-old black veteran Dalvin Gadson during a routine traffic stop. In body camera footage later released by CSPD, Gadson is taken out of his car, beaten, and handcuffed while on the ground.

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s (DA) Office confirmed Gadson pleaded guilty to unlawful display of license plates and was ordered to pay a fine. All other charges were dismissed by the DA’s Office.

Harry Daniels, the national civil rights attorney representing Gadson, commented on Gadson’s reaction to this news.

“You know, so that’s one less thing he has to worry about,” Daniels said. “I mean have anxiety about facing criminal charges, he declared at the beginning of this whole entire thing that he felt like he didn’t do anything wrong and we’re glad that the District Attorney’s Office saw this, saw it the same way.”

Daniels said they are thankful the DA dismissed the charges and determined there was no probable cause to follow through on a DUI investigation.

“So essentially the claim of excessive force, it really now based on that is unlawful force,” Daniels said. “We always believed from the beginning that it was unlawful. But it’s deemed to be unlawful because there was no justification even to remove him from the vehicle, and so the beating and everything… a physical touching of law enforcement, it was in violation of the law.”

Gadson’s story has caught the attention of many, with his GoFundMe earning over $75,000.

In December, more than 30 protestors gathered outside of CSPD in support of Gadson, and his legal team announced a federal lawsuit filed against the three CSPD officers involved.

In light of recent events in Memphis, Daniels commented on the similarity of Gadson with Tyre Nichols.

“I mean I don’t want to know compare anything but Dalvin could have been Tyre Nichols,” Daniels said. “He could have been Tyre Nichols, thank God he was not…. my heart goes out, and the entire nation, goes out to the Nichols family. But he was a punch or two away and he could have been that.”

Daniels commented about Gadson that “he’s in the best place he can be in. He does ask for everybody’s thoughts and prayers.”

The DA’s Office said the incident remains under investigation by CSPD and could not provide further comment at this time.