COLORADO SPRINGS — Last year at this time, there were 22 fatal car crashes. This year there have been 25 fatal crashes – 13 of those have involved motorcycles.

The most recent crash, on July 1, happened at the intersection of Powers Boulevard and Aeroplaza Drive.

The Colorado Department of Transporation (CDOT) said there is a reason motorcycle crashes often occur at roadway intersections.

“When you’re pulling out into an intersection, you’re looking for cars, you’re not necessarily looking for a small motorcycle,” said Sam Cole, CDOT Traffic Safety Manager. “So, always be aware that there could be motorcycles [coming] in. In fact, we see a lot of motorcycle deaths occur at intersections just because drivers don’t see them. So advice for drivers, check your blind spots twice.”

CDOT advises drivers to check blind spots multiple times – and for motorcyclists to protect themselves as much as possible – before hitting the road.

“For motorcyclists, keep your speeds down, always wear protective gear, including helmets, never ride impaired,” said Cole. “It’s probably a good time to increase your training. There are all sorts of training programs in the state that can increase your skills when it comes to riding safely.”

In Colorado, motorcyclists older than 18 are not required to wear helmets. More information on motorcycle laws can be found on the CDOT website.

The Colorado Springs Police Department says one of its goals is to reduce the number of these crashes. CSPD is partnering with local businesses that sell motorcycles to promote and educate motorcycle drivers.

“We’re doing public education. We’re putting out things on social media regularly as a public education portion of that,” said Robert Tornabene, CSPD Civilian Public Information Officer. “And then next we’re doing targeted enforcement in areas where we’ve seen speed related or fatality related accidents.”

CDOT says awareness is especially important during the summer months, when more motorcycles are likely to be on the roads.