(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) is kicking off the Academic year with a Convocation Address and Acceptance Day Parade on Tuesday, Aug. 8, and Wednesday, Aug. 9, respectively.

USAFA said the Convocation is a formal ceremony that marks the beginning of a cadet’s journey to become a warfighter scholar. During Convocation, Dean of the Faculty, Brig. Gen. Linell Letendre, and the faculty will welcome the Class of 2027. USAFA said Brig. Gen. Letendre will impart upon the cadets the seriousness of the Profession of Arms and inspire them to thrive in their academic pursuits at the Academy.

The Acceptance Day parade marks the Class of 2027’s acceptance into the Cadet Wing and their transition from basic cadets without rank insignia to fourth-class cadets, receiving their first shoulder board rank insignia in celebration with their newly-assigned squadrons on Stillman Field.

  • Cadets walk during the United States Air Force Academy parade
  • Cadets standing in Stillman Field

The public is invited to the parade on Wednesday at Stillman Field. USAFA said community members should enter through the Academy North Gate at Exit 156 off of I-25. The North Gate opens at 5:30 a.m. Visitors are required to have a state-issued ID, Defense Department ID, or a passport. Random vehicle inspections should be anticipated, said USAFA.

USAFA said visitors are encouraged to arrive early as traffic is expected to be heavy. The only liquids permitted at the parade are sealed water bottles, medicine, and baby formula; empty containers are allowed and water will be available at the parade. Visitors are welcome to bring food and food trucks are scheduled to be on site.