Affidavit released for CSU Pueblo student arrest


Robert Killis, CSU Pueblo student arrested (photo courtesy of Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office)

PUEBLO, Colo.– The affidavit has been released in the case of Robert Killis, a Colorado State University Pueblo student who was arrested after stockpiling weapons and ammunition in his housing and vehicle on-campus.

Killis, who was arrested on Tuesday, Sept. 21, was arrested on charges of unlawfully carrying/possession of a weapon on college/university grounds.

Courtesy of the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office.

The affidavit, generated by Captain Shelley Bryant, said that Killis was found with an AR rifle, shotgun, 2 handguns, a bullet-proof vest with steel plates and around 1,000 rounds of ammunition–some of which had green tips utilized for piercing body armor. Eighteen high-capacity magazines loaded with ammunition were also found for use with the assault rifle.

Killis was reported to law enforcement officers after making terrorist threats to a student saying he planned to “learn to make pipe bombs to deal with some anti-government issues”.

Killis’s supervisor on campus said that Killis was known to be “very socially awkward and gets himself in trouble because of his views”. He said that after Killis’s return from serving in the military, he began gravitating toward extremism.

The supervisor said that Killis often said to his coworkers that he liked “killing people”. One employee said that Killis had told him that he was planning to purchase body armor and an AR-style rifle and other weapons as well as talked about “setting off pipe bombs in the courtyard and when the students run, he would start shooting them as they run”.

Killis also frequently carries a bayonet and throwing knives and “repeatedly talked about killing and stabbing people”.

At the time of his arrest, Killis told law enforcement that he was an active National Guard member and said that he knew “making threats like the ones reported, would get him in trouble”.

Killis was cooperative with officers and has signed a consent form in order to have his phone searched for any research on active shooters and threats to schools, government and the President.

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