COLORADO SPRINGS — The Cadet Wing grew by more than 1,000 cadets as the Class of 2026 officially joined the wing after successfully completing Basic Cadet Training.

The Class of 2026 received their first cadet rank and swears to uphold the Academy Honor Code at their Acceptance Day Parade on Stillman Field.

The parade marked the transition from basic cadets without rank insignia, to fourth-class cadets. The class of 2026 received their first shoulder board rank insignia in celebration with their newly-assigned squadrons on the field.

These young men and women arrived at the United States Air Force Academy at the end of June. Over the last six weeks, basic cadets have worked hard to earn their place in the Wing.

They now don 4th class shoulder boards and prepare for the next step in their journey – the start of the academic year in the coming week.