Doherty AP Seminar students prepare TED Talk-style presentations

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Doherty High School AP Seminar students are producing 10-minute TED Talk presentations for the College Board, and you’re invited to watch. 

It’s all part of the capstone program. Students focus on critical thinking research projects. Topics are chosen by the students themselves, and include everything from cults to government manipulation to organized crime. They do research, write a paper, and then come together as a team to find a solution that they then present to an audience. 

If they score well enough, they can get college credit. 

“It actually gives you good speaking skills and confidence that you wouldn’t have before if you were never exposed to it,” 11th grader Teris Tatum said. “So I really thank this class for that. And it has aspects of it that you don’t really utilize in other classes, and I think that’s what makes it a special class.” 

You’re invited to watch these passionate students present their topics Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Doherty High School auditorium. 

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