COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It’s not recess or physical education.

It’s called the Walking Classroom.

“As technology is improving, there are just a lot of ways for kids to learn now besides sitting in a desk in the classroom,” said Janice Theda, a fourth grade teacher at Academy International Elementary School.

It’s part of an initiative at District 20 to get students engaged and learning in a different way.

“All of us in the class are very energetic and we don’t like sitting in the classroom for more than two hours,” said 9-year-old Justus.

Students walk around outside or inside and listen to a podcast for 15 minutes.

“I thought the kids would be distracted, but I found even after the first one, they remembered quite a bit of what they had listened to,” Theda said.

Teachers say the exercise gets oxygen to their brain, which in turn helps student remember the information they hear.

“You don’t have like, friends, like their desk is right next to you, so that you get distracted and talk all the time. And sometimes we’ll like, talk out when the teacher is talking and that annoys the teacher. So, I think it’s better for us, everyone else in the class and the teacher,” 9-year-old Reagan said.

“It’s kind of like extra recess, but you’re still learning while you’re having extra recess,” 9-year-old Anna said.

Teachers say they have more than a hundred different podcasts to choose from, ranging from writing, science, social studies and more.

“We know it’s important if we want to get to like, having a good job in the future and if we want to get good grades in middle school,” Reagan said.

Right now, two fourth grade teachers use the Walking Classroom at least once a week, but in spring, even more teachers may join in.