COLORADO SPRINGS — A cemetery almost as old as the city itself got some much-needed TLC.

“We could be looking at getting dozens of trees — hazardous trees removed as well as many more trimmed,” said Matt Puckett, vegetation specialist with Black Hills Energy.

According to a caretaker at Evergreen Cemetery, there are around 10,000 trees on the 220 acres.

But, Saluting the Branches isn’t just happening at this cemetery in Colorado Springs. It’s happening nationwide.

“We have roughly 50-plus sites where tree companies offer their day in service to veteran memorial cemeteries,” Puckett said.

So, this day salutes the branches by removing hazardous branches from the grounds.

“That’s our goal is to provide safety to the public when they visit their loved ones,” Puckett said.

Groups volunteered their time on Wednesday to tackle Evergreen Cemetery, where around 90,000 people are buried. The cemetery was established shortly after the founding of Colorado Springs in 1871, which means crews are dealing with a lot of mature trees.

If you would like to sign up for next year, you can find out how by clicking here.

“[They] have broken branches, split branches, you know, dead, dying trees from our previous storms. We had that windstorm last winter as well. And that heavy spring snowstorm that caused a lot of damage.”

But, when everything is said and done, crews said it’s also about showing support for our troops by helping make their final resting place safe and beautiful.

“[It’s] for them to look at the trees and [to] create a beautiful environment for their visiting,” Puckett said.