COLORADO SPRINGS — The eighth annual Harvest Celebration hosted by Food to Power was held Saturday evening on Sept. 24.

The Harvest Celebration featured a variety of food and drinks from local farms, women-owned; Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)-owned restaurants and caterers. Guests could enjoy live music from local artists, Patchwork Jack and Jemond Aly, and get to participate in a silent and live auction.

“Harvest Celebration is a time to share the success of all of our collective hardwork and enjoy the fruits of the labor,” said Catherine Hagenbush, development manager and head of the Harvest Committee. “It’s also a celebration of the most crucial component to this work and to the success of the movement: our community.”

Hagenbush said that 2022’s Harvest Celebration was particularly special because it was their first growing season on Food to Power’s own farm. The event was also hosted at their new home, the Hillside Hub.

The event revealed Hillside Hub’s first mural painted by local artist, Jeresneyka Rose. The mural depicts a history of food justice in the Hillside Neighborhood.

Food to Power is a nonprofit with a mission to cultivate a healthy, equitable food system for communities in Colorado Springs. They support programs that promote access to fresh food, education, youth employment and more.

“We envision a world where communities heal and thrive in relationship with food, land, and each other…,” said Food to Power.