7th grade runner knows no limits when it comes to Cross Country


COLORADO SPRINGS- A Banning Lewis Preparatory 7th grader finds freedom in cross country running.

“My favorite part of running is feeling the wind in my face it feels good and it is quiet and you can think about a lot of things,” Jason Dunnock, a 7th grader at Banning Lewis Preparatory Academy said.

Jason was born with a rare recessive genetic blood disorder called Fanconi Anemia. It affects Jason’s abilities to use his hands, along with impairing his vision and hearing slightly.

“I have four fingers and one of my legs is longer than the other, so that makes it difficult for running sometimes,” Jason said.

FOX21 brought you the story of Jason running against another middle schooler named Rylee Dibene. Jason and Rylee finished the race just strides apart.

“Once we started to see the finish line he told me to sprint. He told me to beat him. So, I was running as fast as a could to get to the finish line,” Jason said.

Jason said when he was younger it was harder living with this disorder but now it’s second nature. His mom Kelly Rock said he got a bone marrow transfusion seven years ago.

“Growing up with my disability it has been hard but I’ve had 13 years to use my hands,” Jason said.

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