COLORADO SPRINGS — District Attorney Michael Allen has asked staff to create data dashboards for the public to foster trust and credibility.

The DA’s office says that the work for these dashboards started 60 days after Allen took office. Allen believes in data-driven decision-making, which requires public transparency and responsibility. The DA’s office began studying how the data was created and its flow through the DA’s Office.

Four public dashboards will be presented to show the community statistics about the DA’s Office. The Dashboards update in real-time, seven days a week, with interactive charts and tables.

The DA’s Office has plans to improve and update the dashboards as time goes on including:

  • Data testing and Evaluation – the DA’s Office says that teams are working to identify and solve data challenges.
  • Future dashboards featuring average days from file to disposition, sorting by case class, disposition type (plea vs trial) and division. This includes 5-year trends of that information.
  • Disposition at charge level – with the ability to sort and filter by charge class and type.
  • The sentencing dashboard will be able to sort and filter by charge class and type.

You can find the dashboards on the 4th judicial district‘s website.