(FORT CARSON, Colo.) — Fort Carson’s 4th Infantry Division hosted a historical training event to honor the lineage of the soldiers who paved the way for future generations.

The Battle of Kamdesh took place on Oct. 3, 2009 in eastern Afghanistan, when 400 Taliban descended upon a U.S. outpost.

The physical training event honored the eight soldiers who were killed that day, and the 27 who were wounded.

“We have obstacles in place… artillery, nomad guns, to really replicate everything that went on in the battle of Kamdesh,” said Cpt. Ryan Griffis, who helped plan the event.

Units were given different items they had to carry with them and control — like tires and litters — as they navigated the nearly two-mile battlefield reenactment.

“The Esprit de Corps and the camaraderie that is built through these events through tough hardship — I mean, it cannot be topped by anything else,” said Sgt. Maj. Alex Kupratty. “And, it pales in comparison to what the soldiers kind of endured, you know, almost 13 years ago.”

While their military training helped prepare them, it’s the ones who go above and beyond who usually come out on top.

“You’ll see guys weeks out here, soldiers kind of trying to train, walk, work through the tires, work through the drills, how they switch out teams how they stay fresh and those formations are usually the ones that are very successful,” Kupratti said.

The idea behind the event is not just being the fastest, but working together as a team.

“[I am] proud of your efforts here today honoring our fallen at Kamdesh,” said Maj. Gen. David Hodne. “Remember I’m an IV soldier. I believe in myself, I believe in my teammates. I believe in my leaders. I’m ready.”

Of course, an added bonus of the day for those who completed the challenge – they were dismissed for the rest of the day in military style.

“Take care of each other, be safe. There is no rush, have a great weekend. Zonk!” Hodne said.