PIKES PEAK REGION — 45 Colorado girl scouts earned the Gold Award, the most prestigious award in Girl Scouts. 13 of those Girl Scouts were from Colorado Springs or Monument.

Gold Award Girl Scouts are high school girls who address issues that are meaningful to them. These scouts plan and implement projects that produce lasting change in their communities and beyond.

Here are some Gold Award Girl Scouts and their projects listed below:

  • Ruby Boswell, Colorado Springs, Closet of Confidence– Ruby wished to make students at her school feel confident, powerful, and brave all the time. To accomplish this, she created the Closet of Confidence that provides free, discrete feminine hygiene products to all students in need. The closet will continue to serve students and be maintained by her school’s National Honor Society and Parent Teacher Organization
  • Hannah Brothers, Monument, Outdoors Club & Bike Drive– Hannah partnered with Kids on Bikes to organize a bike drive for kids in need. To sustain the annual bike drive, she also established a thriving outdoor club at her school that plans outdoor activities for students to promote a love for the outdoors and an active lifestyle
  • Iris Eisele, Colorado Springs, Project Inclusion– Through Project Inclusion, Iris created an online platform for students at her school to be acquainted with the special education population. Having all students engage with her social platform created an environment in which all students know each other and can be inclusive when they are together in class, or in social settings.
  • Allison Graham, Colorado Springs, School in the Woods Nature Trail– Allison built a nature trail at School in the Woods to provide the students with a safe, outdoor activity on school property. She also established a volunteer committee of parents who will maintain the trail and continue to promote outdoor education to students and teachers.
  • Jessica Johnson, Colorado Springs, Rise Up!– Jessica wrote, illustrated, and published the Rise of Sorceress, a comic book series with a Black, female superhero, to address the lack of representation of diversity in the comic book world. With her book, she hopes to inspire others in her community and instill confidence in other young, Black women. Rise of the Sorceress is available for purchase on Amazon.
  • Megan King, Monument, Operation Pollination– To address the growing issue of pollinators losing their natural habitats, Megan built and installed bee hotels in her community. Each habitat also includes a QR code linked to an informational website that Megan created to raise awareness about the importance of protecting pollinator habitats.
  • Nicole McCloskey, Colorado Springs, Stitching for Good– As an avid seamstress herself, Nicole created an online resource to connect people who love to sew with organizations that take donations of sewn items. Anyone can visit stitchingforgood.org to find places to donate the items they make and find sewing patterns for frequently donated items.
  • Heather Robson, Colorado Springs, Guinea Pig Care– As someone who loves guinea pigs, Heather was concerned about a growing issue of guinea pigs returned to the humane society after adoption. To address this, Heather created an informational program for local humane societies to share with families considering adoption, so they have all the facts before making a decision.
  • Larissa Snoddy, Colorado Springs, Feral Cat Protection– Larissa noticed a lack of education about the difference between feral and stray cats and how the community can work together to handle cats in their area. To address this, she created an awareness campaign and website to educate the community

According to research cited in a press release, 85% of Gold Award Scouts say that earning their Gold Award gave them skills to succeed in their daily lives. 87% say it gave them skills to help them succeed professionally.

“Each of these young women addressed an issue that’s important to her in order to earn her Gold Award, and she’s grown as a leader in the process,” said Leanna Clark, chief executive officer of Girl Scouts of Colorado. “We congratulate each of these Gold Award Girl Scouts on this momentous accomplishment, and I can’t wait to see what they can achieve in the future.”