(TELLER COUNTY, Colo.) — The 403 Fire continues to spread through Park and Teller Counties with evacuations taking place throughout County Road 403 and Alpine Meadow Lane.

With people needing to leave their homes, several businesses in the area are opening their doors, including Florissant Conoco and Florissant Mercantile.

“Our objective here is to let people know that we’re going to try to stay open to the needs of the community and bring fuel, extra fuel up to these firefighters,” said Owner of Florissant Conoco and Florissant Mercantile, Larry Clark.

On Friday afternoon, Florissant Conoco was filled with community members and even some firefighters inside grabbing food and drinks.

“If you have any questions or need to come down there to where a lot of people get together so you can get some information from other people,” Clark said. “That’s what we’re seeing over there at our locations. We just want everyone to know that we’re here for you and we’ll do what we can for.”

Another community member lending a helping hand was Sherry Kraudelt.

She shared why she was dropping off donations for first responders fighting the 403 Fire: “Because these guys are wonderful and, you know, they take care of us and we live just down the road here and I mean, in a situation like this, they need all the help they can get.”

This is not the first wildfire for Kraudelt, who shared they packed up the car last night and “were ready to go if we had to.”

Colorado Emergency Management asked those who want to help not to bring donations to shelters, as those at the shelters are well cared for and donations are not needed at this time.

However, donations for fire crews are being accepted for Park County at Lake George Fire Station and for Teller County at the Sheriff’s Office in Divide.

Donations inside of the Lake George Fire Station which are given to crews as they change shifts.

Donations can be water bottles, Gatorade, cough drops, eye drops and granola bars.