FOUNTAIN, Colo. — Officers with the Fountain Police Department were treated to some homemade cupcakes on Wednesday when a little girl from Fountain wanted to share with them for her birthday.

The City of Fountain Government shared the sweet moment on Facebook, along with photos of the delicious cupcakes and a hand written note from the young girl’s mother. In the note, she explained that the FPD, along with all the law enforcement agencies that responded the night El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Peery was killed, had been in their family’s thoughts.

The note reads in part– “It’s my daughter’s 4th birthday today and her wish was to share her birthday cupcakes with you. We are truly sorry for your loss, and have been praying for you all. She wishes the fallen officer could have a cupcake, but I assured her he has plenty of cupcakes in heaven and now his friends can have hers. We appreciate you all!”

FPD praised the mother for raising such compassionate children, and said that the thoughtful gesture made their officers’ day and brought tears to their eyes.

“Thank you little one for your thoughts, prayers and the delicious cupcakes. Don’t ever let anyone steal the joy and compassion you have to share with others,” FPD said in the Facebook post. “We appreciate you and we believe in you!”