2C projects coming to an end, for now


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — If you were in your car over the last 5 months in Colorado Springs, chances are you were stuck waiting behind road construction.

There is good news – it’s coming to an end this week.

“I said at the beginning of this project last May, the good news is you’re going to see an awful lot of paving work, ” Mayor John Suthers said.  “The bad news, is you’re going to see an awful lot of paving work.”

The road improvements aren’t done completely. The paving portion of the 5-year plan will halt for the season while cement work on curbs and sidewalks continues.

It’s all part of the ballot item 2C that passed by an overwhelming 65 percent of the vote last November. That means, for every $10 spent in Colorado Springs, 6.2 pennies went to the road improvement tax.

The measure also provides an estimated $50 million per year to pave approximately 1,000 lane miles over 5 years. Those sales tax revenues are dedicated solely to paving roads, with approximately 50 percent of it being applied to sidewalks, curb and gutter.

“Because of some wet weather in the Springs and because we had to get enough money in the till to start these contracts,” Suthers added. “We got off to a slow start, you’d expect that. but because of the great weather in, we’ve had, we’ve been able to accomplish everything we accomplished in this first paving season.”

This year, crews were able to complete 215 miles of paving, and it wasn’t just roads. The cement work —  like sidewalks and gutters — is ahead of schedule.

“We’re about 40 percent complete with the year 2017 concrete pouring as we speak right now,” Corey Farkas, Streets Division Manager said.  “If we keep going at this pace, we’re going to get that one year buffer we’ve been looking at between concrete and paving.”

While paving for the season comes to an end this week, cement work will continue through the winter.

“With the completion of the first season of paving work under 2C, we’re on the road to significantly improving our street in Colorado Springs,” Suthers said.

You can track the progress of the city roads yourself by clicking here.

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