2017 a deadly year so far for Colorado Springs motorcyclists


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — This year is proving to be more deadly than the last for motorcycle riders in our city.

According to Colorado Springs police in, 2016, one rider was killed at this time last year, compared to three so far this year.

“You got to abide by the traffic rules in the state you’re in,” said Frontier Custom Cycles co-owner Tim Gazak.

He added he doesn’t care for lane-splitting, which is illegal in Colorado. Still, some motorcyclists are seen doing it.

“I can’t believe some of the intensity of the road rage and where it goes,” said Gazak.

For the Vigil family, they know the dangers of the road all too well.

This past May, their father, 68-year-old Onesimo Vigil, was killed while riding his motorcycle.

It happened on Fountain Mesa Road at the intersection of Caballero and Fortman Avenues.

The family says they will forever miss their dad.

“The way he was with the kids, with my youngest, I miss everything,” said Rosa Romero, Onesimo’s daughter.

The family echoes what Gazak told FOX21 — to always be aware and respectful on the road.

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