FALCON, Colo. — Local 18-year-old Noah Dome graduated from Colorado Technical University Saturday with his master’s degree, and has been accepted to the doctorate program.

It all started when his parents enrolled him in high school at Colorado Springs Early Colleges, where he could get a head start on his future. But they never thought he would accomplish so much in such a short amount of time.

“In my freshman year I took half and half high school and college classes,” Noah said.

And that is when he really got motivated.

“So by sophomore year he was like, ‘Dad, I know I can come in here and I know I’m going to do it. I’m going to finish up high school sophomore year,” Noah’s father, Craig Dome, said. “Junior year and senior year he was attending CTU and he just went through and associates, bachelors and he graduated within a week of each other, college and high school at the same time.”

“I decided to go back and then I started my master’s degree and I guess about 10 months later here I am,” Noah said.

FOX21 asked Noah who his biggest motivators have been.

“I would say God in general, yes God. Now, I would also say family,” Noah added.

And his family could not be more proud.

“We’re just…it’s beyond words you know. Number one I think what he has is a gift from God. There’s just no denying it,” said Craig.

But what is next for this young scholar?

Noah said, “Next is I guess my doctorate program but I guess beyond that I’d like to work on starting crowd funding projects and also specifically thanks to the  degree I have, perhaps going overseas and re-working non-profit companies.”

And if there is one thing he knows for certain, it’s that his hard work is not done yet.

“You’ve also got to understand why it is you’re getting a degree. Education isn’t the means to an end.” Noah added, “If you never do anything with it then you may as well not have gotten it in the first place.”

Noah begins his doctorate program at CTU in July and hopes to have it completed in two to three years.