PUEBLO, Colo. — The print vendor for Pueblo County has mailed a ballot that does not include the County Commissioner race to roughly 1,600 voters for the Colorado State Primary Election.

These voters were sent a ballot that did not include the county commissioner race for Commissioner District 3. All voters in Pueblo County are eligible to vote in the county commissioner race.

The Pueblo County Election Department was made aware of the error earlier in June, and worked to ensure the correct ballots were printed and mailed to the 106,000 active voters in Pueblo County. Although the error was corrected for the large majority of voters, when processing their “ballot reprint” file, the print vendor printed and mailed the incorrect ballot to about 1,600 voters. This represents about 1 percent of Pueblo County voters.

Immediately after being made aware of the issue, the Pueblo County Election Department reissued ballots to the 1,600 affected voters. By issuing these voters a replacement ballot, their original ballot has been voided in the county’s system. If the voter chooses not to vote their replacement ballot, their original ballot will be counted.

If a voter has received a ballot without the County Commissioner race included, they are encouraged to contact the Pueblo County Election Department. They can check to ensure a new ballot is on the way to them, or visit the office to get their ballot replaced over the counter. Voters are also encouraged to check both sides of their ballot to ensure they have all races included.

The Election Department is located at 720 N. Main Street, Suite 200. The office can also be reached at (719)583-6620.