(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The gentle sound of a piano inside a practice room fills the air, gradually growing in intensity.

The trumpet’s blow joins in before a bass’s strings are struck.

The whisps of a xylophone and the snare of a drum are soon to be heard.

Members of the United States Air Force Academy Band practice an original piece composed by the group’s pianist.

This song, along with music from the last two hundred years to current will be played at the free show “Agility: A Musical Tour de Force”, on April 4 at Packard Hall on the campus of Colorado College.

Master Sargent Tim Stombaugh is the band’s percussionist.

He joined the Air Force and the band almost two decades ago after spending years as a freelance musician.

“You’re constantly trying to make a living, and serving your own needs,” Sgt. Stombaugh said, “which is valid and is an honorable thing to do, but the thing I love about serving is I’m no longer scrounging to make ends meet. I’m serving a higher purpose with my talents and serving my military and serving my country. It’s one of the most honorable things I can think to do with my talents and my skills.”

Tickets to Tuesday’s performance are free.