(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Space exploration and understanding are what cadets and scientists at the U.S. Air Force Academy are reaching for.

With the looming “once in a lifetime” green comet scheduled to make a pass over Earth, multiple telescopes on the Academy’s grounds will face the night sky in hopes of gathering images of the comet.

It’s thought the last time the comet was visible to earth was nearly 50,000 years ago.

“It gives us an idea of what’s maybe on the outer edges of our solar system,” Lt. Col. Benjamin Roth, Director of the Observatory, said of the passing, “It kind of puts into perspective where we are in the cosmos of space.”

In addition to studying the green comet, Cadets- some of the first with intentions to commission into the U.S. Space Force- are creating and controlling satellites. Other cadets push to create greater awareness and interest in space exploration with the development of the I5Space club.

For those who wish to witness the green comet, but are finding no luck looking to the stars or would rather not embrace the chill of night, the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Planetarium is open to the public with multiple shows per day at the following times:

Monday, and Friday- shows at 12:30 and 1:30.
Saturday- shows at 12:30, 1:30, 3, 4.

You will need your driver’s license to enter the Academy. More details can be found here.