CAÑON CITY, Colo. — On the east side of Cañon City you might see something a bit unexpected – a mini ghost town!

“I just started building this little outhouse out here and then it just turned into a whole ghost town,” creator Joey Passarelli said on FOX21 Morning News Friday. “I don’t know. Just something to do.”

Passarelli makes the small structures in his garage, taking time to add in a lot of detail as he goes. Check out the saloon, when you go, inside is decorated just like you might find in the real thing.

He says his family helps, too. And that’s good, because they’ve had a lot of visitors.

“I did it just to do it. Next thing you know, I had a lot of people coming over,” Passarelli said. “They just keep coming over to see what I had and everybody enjoys it. So I’m just going to keep adding on and see what happens.”

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