(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The first Friday in June marks National Donut Day.

It’s a poorly kept secret that the donuts created at the top of Pikes Peak are riddled with mystery of delight.

The donuts first started cranking out in 1888, when the summit house was a weather station.

Eventually, the weather station would close, but the then mayor of Manitou Springs insisted on the peak maintaining the donuts for hikers.

In 1916, the donut recipe became what it is today, which Chef Ty says is top secret. Only a few people know the precise ingredient list.

The donuts are known to be a bit temperamental, needing adjustment based on various factors.

“Even on days where the weather is super, as we get really high climate change, we could tell that the donuts are acting a little funny. We have to adjust -maybe we turn down the temperature, maybe we turn it up a little bit to help cook them all the way through,” Chef Ty detailed.

The recipe at the peak is designed specifically for the peak, too.

“There is a specific recipe to being up here if you were to try to take down the mountain and maybe cook, these donuts I hear return to pudding.”