(FORT MORGAN, Colo.) — The sky is a crisp blue at the hangar at Skydive Orange Skies in Fort Morgan. It’s here members of the freefall team for the Special Forces Foundation are gathered, preparing to tandem skydive.

Ray Lallo, a retired Green Beret, is the lead of the team. He has jumped about 15,000 times exuding confidence that sets a tandem jumper at ease.

The jump today is part of a fundraiser for the Special Forces Foundation, a non-profit focused on bringing support to the Special Forces Community and their families. 

Julie Baker sat down with Lallo asking him how he got involved with the Special Forces Foundation.

“It’s brothers helping brothers,” Lallo said. “It’s also a great cause for what they do. It’s immediate and ongoing support to the families and to the soldiers.” 

For Joel Theriot, one of the demo jumpers for the Special Forces Foundation Freefall team, aiding the Special Forces Foundation in this capacity is a return to the brotherhood that the Green Berets provided. “Being retired, you definitely lose that team feeling. But when you’re hanging around with a bunch of guys… as soon as we see each other, it’s like we’re back in the team room talking smack, poking jokes… but also being there for each other when anyone needs anything.” 

Joel notes the work the Foundation does with the donations received, including work with numerous non-profits that provide medical aid, legal aid, and mental aid.  

Donations made to the foundation and information regarding services provided can be found on their website, which is linked above.