(PUEBLO WEST, Colo.) — There’s a light roar from a nearby highway as pickleball competitors take turns swinging their paddles at one another.

In the distance, the crew members of the city are digging. The hum of their equipment fills the air at the Mineral Palace Pickleball Courts in Pueblo West.

On the sidelines, we find Alexis Grace. The pickleball paddles and much of the court being utilized on the blue court in front of her is her company’s: LIX Pickleball.

“I’m not the person that would probably own a pickleball company,” she confessed. “Especially in the small town of Pueblo West.”

Alexis married her high school sweetheart, Dylan Grace. “My husband dreams big,” she responded when asked why she wanted to own a pickleball equipment company.

Dylan dreamed of being a sponsored pickleball athlete, but when no sponsorships were coming in, the duo opted to start their own company.

“I’m usually the dreamer,” Dylan confessed. “She’s usually the one that keeps us grounded, that says ‘yes, this is possible,’ or ‘I don’t know’, and this one she completely went 100%.”

A company across the pond did, at one point, offer to partner with Alexis in the business, but the Grace family opted to go it on their own.

In the months since they’ve worked with various manufacturers and ordered samples. They’ve stripped gear apart in the garage to ensure the best product.

Prominent in the gear are the colors: bright and colorful, a much different style than other paddles on the market.

“We really wanted to give the younger generations something to get excited about and also something we enjoyed with brighter colors.”

Though Alexis says the company offers traditional colors as well to ensure everyone is included.

LIX Pickleball equipment is currently only available online, though Alexis hopes to expand into retail in the future.