(PALMER LAKE, Colo.) — With each stroke of Jamie Wilke‘s paintbrush, the detail of an aspen tree sprouts to life. She sits in her studio, manipulating oil paint, bending it to the shapes she desires.

Art is her dream, but one she abandoned for fear of the ‘starving artist’.

Her daughter started art lessons a number of years ago, and when Jamie joined in, she was quickly reminded of her passion.

That was six years ago.

In a past life, she’d sit in her home office, one that’s since been converted to an art studio, working as a technical writer and web designer. But, a leap of faith led her to the path of an artist full-time.

Her inspiration is what she sees outdoors, as she’s an avid runner and hiker.

Her work is for sale at the nearby Serrano’s Coffee Company in Monument.