(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A new pop-up in town featuring a “delicious twist on a Jamaican favorite,” is now open in Colorado Springs. Cordella Hutchinson, Owner of Just Patties, joined FOX21 Morning News to talk about the new business and its delicious treats.

Hutchinson started Just Patties in 2020, however, due to COVID, she did not officially start selling patties until January of 2022. Just Patties features a menu of different patties, along with several catering options for guests to enjoy.

According to the website, Jamaican patties are “a spinoff of the Cornish pastry brought to the Caribbean by the British colonists. Jamaicans in particular, used their classic dishes, like curry chicken, and added it to the pastry making it a staple in Jamaican culture… Just Patties changes the game by giving the customer a list of items they can add to their patties, creating a unique and delicious customer experience.”

According to Hutchinson, the business started out as a ghost kitchen, where she rented a commercial kitchen and sold her product through delivery apps. While the ghost kitchen did not prove successful, Hutchinson was able to pivot and use the family’s business, Spice Island Grill, during breakfast and lunch.

Just Patties is now located at 6829 Space Village Avenue and is open Monday through Saturday.