COLORADO SPRINGS — Blogger Aubree Berry joins FOX21 for tips to save money on family trips.

Berry recommends that when you are looking for a new credit card, look for one that has travel benefits, like points for travel, airlines, rental cars and hotels. “If you are spending money already, you might as well get rewarded for it,” said Berry.

Book travel through Costco Travel. If the price drops you can get the difference credited back to your card. You do have to watch it yourself Berry warns, but the savings can be worth it. Berry said she saved $800 on a recent trip.

According to Berry, Hotels are not always the best way to stay at your destination. Usually, an Airbnb or Vrbo is a better option. The main benefit is that many will have a kitchen, so you can save money by eating there, and buying groceries is cheaper than eating at restaurants.

Berry said to be flexible, you can save money by traveling during off times and you can avoid crowds. Sometimes it’s cheaper to fly out on Wednesdays than Fridays, and hotels are cheaper at certain times of the year. Berry said, “We all want to go over Thanksgiving, over Christmas and that is the really expensive time of year to travel.”

Berry advises you to plan ahead and budget for your trip. Open a separate account and put a little bit of money into it after each paycheck. Even $20 a week will add up.

Berry’s blog Savings and Sand features more tips for travel you can also find her on Instagram @Savingsandsand.