Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away. Kathi Kemper and Nancy Diehl from First Class Preschool have some great crafts the kiddos can make for mom.UMBRELLA MAY BASKET:

SUPPLIES:  Paper plate, evaporated milk, food coloring, paint containers, paint brush, ribbon, glue, and glue brush, and flowers (fake or real).

SET-UP:  Pour evaporated milk in paint containers, add food coloring, and stir. Cut the paper plate in half. You are making two umbrellas using both the top and bottom of the plate. Place the two sides together, and cut the tops in a rounded umbrella shape and the flat edge of the plates in scallops. Cut the ribbon 13 inches long. Set out paint, paint brushes, glue and blue brushes.

CREATE:  Paint the 2 umbrellas. Let dry. Glue sides together. Glue ribbon in the center of each scalloped side of the umbrella for the handle. Let dry. Place the flowers inside the upside down umbrella. Hang your May basket to a friend’s door!DOUBLE SIDED MAY BASKET:

SUPPLIES:  White 8 1/2 x 11 inch construction paper, scissors, stapler, water colors, and paint brush, flowers (fake or real). A variety of adornments can be used: flowers, stickers, buttons, markers, doilies, etc.

SET- UP:  Cut 2 1/2 inches off the 11 inch side of the white paper to make a square. Save the remaining strip of paper. Set out paint and paint brushes.

CREATE:  Paint the paper. Let dry.

SET-UP:  Fold the paper in half, making a rectangle. Fold in half again making a square. Fold in half making a triangle–crease the edges. Unfold. Bring opposite points together and cross over folding crease, making two side by side baskets shaped like cones. Staple middle, add strip for handle and staple on.

CREATE:  Finish decorating with stickers, flowers, buttons, markers, doilies, etc. Glue on and let dry. Place the flowers inside both sides of the basket. Hang your May basket to a friend’s door.MOTHER’S DAY FLOWER POT:

SUPPLIES:  Small clay flower pot, potting soil, spoon, small poster board, paint and paint brushes, five large craft sticks (can use the smaller popsicle sticks), glue and glue brushes, adornments (jewels, beads, pompoms,small plastic buttons, etc.) and picture of child.

SET-UP:  Set out clay flower pot, paint and paint brushes, and craft sticks. Cut the picture of the child in a circle. Cut a small circle out of the small poster board, large enough to glue the picture onto. Set out the craft sticks. Set out the glue and glue brushes, potting soil and the adornments.

CREATE:  Glue the adornments on the flower pot (Buttons look really cute!) Spoon the soil into the clay pot. Paint four craft sticks different colors.The fifth craft stick is the stem and can be painted green. Let dry. Put glue in the center of one of the craft sticks, place the next craft stick on the glue at an angle, put glue in the center of that craft stick and continue until all four sticks are glued on top of each other, forming a flower. Let dry. Glue the picture on the posterboard circle. Glue the posterboard in the middle of the flower. Turn the flower over and glue the green stem Popsicle stick on the flower. Let dry. Place the flower into the pot. Happy Mother’s Day from your little flower!