Want to bring spring indoors? Kathi Kemper and Nancy Diehl from First Class Preschool have some great spring crafts you can do with your kids.BUTTERFLY BLOTTO:

SUPPLIES: Butterfly pattern, different colors of paint, paint containers, spoons, scissors, white construction paper, newspaper.

SET UP: Cut the butterfly shape out of the white construction paper. Fold the paper in half and then open the butterfly. Place newspaper under the butterfly. Set out the containers of paint and place a spoon in each.

CREATE: Using the spoons, drop different colors of paint onto one of the wing halves of the butterfly. Close the other wing half over the wing with the paint on it. Have the child press his hand down on the paper and rub over the wing. Some paint may come out the sides. (That is why you need the newspaper!) Open to see a beautiful butterfly.DARTING DRAGONFLY:

SUPPLIES: White construction paper or poster board, assorted colors of paint, paint and glue containers, paint and glue brushes, clothespin the pinch open, sequins and /or foil confetti, scissors, wax paper, wiggly eyes.

SET UP: Draw wings on wax paper; cut out. Draw the body on white construction paper or poster board; cut out. Glue the clothespin onto the underside of the body. Set out the paint and glue containers, paint and glue brushes, adornments, and the dragonfly body and wings.

CREATE: Paint body; let dry. Glue the wings and the eyes on the body. Drizzle the glue on the wings and the body, and sprinkle on the sequins and/or confetti. The dragonfly can clip on anywhere!