(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Halloween is just days away and Chef Janon Bourgeois has some tasty treats and fun snack options for the family, and kiddos too!

Chef Janon showed FOX21’s Abbie Burke a spin on the classic candied apple, which is much safer than the traditional way of making the treat.

Instead of using melted sugar or caramel, Chef Janon decorated the apples with cookie icing. Premade and portioned packets make it less messy and easier for small children to participate. They can then add candy or other embellishments for more flavor and flair.

Chef Janon also suggested using a fork as the handle for the apple instead of a flimsy popsicle stick.

Looking for something healthy and festive? Try “Monster Fingers.”

To make these, Chef Janon blistered some shishito peppers in hot avocado oil. She then dipped almonds in honey and placed them on top at the ends of the peppers to look like fingernails.

“Only one out of every seven to 10 shishito peppers is actually spicy,” said Chef Janon. This also adds a little extra kick to this fun and healthy treat.

Another classic snack this time of year is a popcorn ball, but Chef Janon likes to hide a vegetable in hers for some extra holiday fun.

To make this, take a stick of butter and a bag and a half of mini marshmallows and melt them in a pot. Pour the mixture into a bag of popcorn and shake to mix. To create the balls, use gloves lightly coated with avocado oil and form into a round shape. For a fun trick, hide a white mushroom inside the popcorn ball and form the ball around it.

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