COLORADO SPRINGS— Summer is in full swing and families may need help avoiding what many call the ‘summer slide’— a time where kids lose reading and math skills during the Summer months.

Mom and former teacher Maggie Cierra has tips for children to stay active and continue to learn.

“It’s all about getting your kids engaged and interested in getting their academic work done,” Cierra said. “Setting a consistent summer schedule is key. It always seems to help when parents and kids are on the same page when it comes to your household schedule and expectations.”

Adam Ashley is a Dad who has developed a device to motivate children to stay on track and make better choices.

His invention, GoodTimer is a toy that Ashley says is backed by neuroscience that encourages kids to form positive life long habits.

“Goodtimer is like a modern chore chart helping the whole family work together to promote positive decision making,” Ashley said.

To learn more about GoodTimer you can visit their website.