(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The newest addition to the FOX21 Morning News family was introduced on Friday, Jan. 13, as Julie Wilson began her journey in Colorado Springs as the new Live and Local Reporter.

Morning Anchors Craig Coffey and Abbie Burke sat down with Wilson on Friday for a game of ’20 Questions,’ where they asked Wilson questions submitted from viewers on social media.

A few of the questions can be viewed below, all others can be watched in the video player above.

20 Questions with Julie Wilson, Live and Local Reporter

Question: Who is your hero?

“So I always wanted to be Lois Lane, she told no jokes though. But, growing up, I remember being six-year’s-old and watching the Olympics, watching Gail Devers sprint, so if I could go hero, earliest on, definitely Gail Devers.”

Question: What is your favorite food?

“Italian. I went to The Exchange and I got a big, bacon burger there the other day, and that was pretty top notch too.”

Question: What is your pet peeve?

“People who put too many bumper stickers on the back of their car.”

Question: What is your favorite movie?

“It has got to be Superman Returns with Brandon Routh. Full confession, I do have a comic book collection, Superman’s girlfriend, Lois Lane, right under the bed. 2006, that is the best Superman movie, you will not talk me out of it.”

Question: What is your go-to karaoke song?

“My Heart Will Go On… So quick story, when I was little, Titanic came out, one of my favorite movies, and they started selling these [blue heart of the ocean] necklaces on TV Guide, and my mom would not buy me one. As an adult, at a flea market, she [Wilson’s mom] bought this the other day and I unpacked it and thought, that is going to be funny to wear on the first day.”

Wilson will begin her Live and Local reporting presence on Monday, Jan. 16. You can follow Wilson on social media at @AndJulieWilson.