(TRINIDAD, Colo.) — Above a fireplace built in stitches, a portrait of a cow jumping over the moon in the same medium is displayed. Third graders from a nearby elementary school sit between the book Goodnight Moon and a lifesized replica of pages 9 and 10.

The students are hard at work creating their own yarn masterpieces. Ken Chapin is the Executive Director of Design Age Friendly. He explains the history of the 75-year-old book which originally lacked in popularity. “So Goodnight Moon originally was, I don’t think they had to turn back time, but it was shadow banned.”

Now, the book is viewed as reading material that has united generations. Though when first published, Chapin noted books not accepted by the New York Public Library’s Children’s Library lacked traction across the country.

Perhaps it was the book’s lack of fantastical creatures, instead more rooted in realism. “So Goodnight Moon sort of languished for 20 years or so.”

Now on display at the Commons at Space to Create in Trinidad, a lifesize knitted art piece dedicated to the book. Emilie Odeile is the fiber artist. Her work on a commercial in the last decade birthed this idea.

“My personal favorites from childhood, I remember it from being a child. I remember it from being a babysitter and reading to all of the kids that I babysat for. It being one of their favorites. So it always just sort of touched me- this line actually -‘good night nobody’,” the artist said.
“I can’t really explain it but I have a visceral reaction to it every time I read it.”

The piece was made with 152 miles of yard and just shy of six million stitches. Through the eyes of the third graders who sit at its feet, the massive piece of art is a conduit to talk of their favorite book. The intention behind it is to start a conversation about an aging population.

Odeile says that while the country will eventually catch up, Southern Colorado has been dealing with such a topic for years, with more people over the age of 60 than those under 18.

The display will be featured in Trinidad through July 7 before it will be toured through the state. Future destinations are pending.