75% of American’s are not aware of the term “gaslighting” and many don’t realize they are victims.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Author, Darlene Lancer, talked to Keni Mac about the behaviors and symptoms of gaslighting. She also touches on the recovery methods for victims.

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Gaslighting Symptoms:
– Significant self-doubt and frequently second-guessing yourself
– Being made to feel crazy, overly sensitive or wrong
– Feeling confused, isolated and depressed
– Apologizing or making excuses for a partner’s behavior
– Feeling that something isn’t right

Gaslighting Recovery:
– Get information
– Come out of denial
– Identify and write down the perpetrator’s behavior pattern
– Detach
– Don’t take comments made to you personally. Realize that you’re not the cause of the gaslighting behavior and that it’s untrue
– Don’t isolate yourself!
– Get support