(SPONSORED) — For all the latest home design trends, why not contact Closet Factory? Many designers have been with Closet Factory for over 20 years and can make your dream home a reality.

The CEO of Closet Factory, Doug Lestikow, joined Nova from Loving Living Local to share more about the Closet Factory design options. The new designers are thoroughly trained, and all of the designers go through ongoing training every month to keep up with the latest trends, design techniques, and customer satisfaction skills to better serve the clients.

The designers understand that a customer’s needs are as unique as they are and will create smart, well-organized designs that satisfy the customer’s design sensibilities. Closet Factory also offers free in-home design consultations with each project, starting with a design collaboration with one of the expert designers who will create a unique design that will transform the space.

Closet Factory is a leading company with 30 years in operation. Today, they continue to set new standards in client care, custom closets, closet design, and craftsmanship.

For more information, head to closetfactory.com.