(SPONSORED) — Trainwreck is the newest bar in town! Locals are invited to check out all that’s hip and fun at Trainwreck’s grand opening on Saturday, Sept. 10. The bar is located in the 800 block of South Sierra Madre Street in downtown.

The bar features indoor and outdoor entertainment, and includes virtual golf, pool tables, volleyball, yard games and much more to make sure guests are never bored.

Fridays and Saturdays will only allow 21+ after 10 p.m., and 18+ after 8 p.m. on all other days.

For all “poor choice makers, misfits, night owls, diehard fans, party animals, and hot-mess-expresses,” the party never stops, according to Trainwreck.

To check out the new spot, visit trainwreckco.com.