Dr. Gregory Charlop is the father of two girls and understands the challenges in raising them in these hectic and uncertain times. Adolescence has always been a tough time for girls… now, it’s worse. He feels there are three major challenges parents of teenage girls face today, and he wants to offer his advice on how to help, as a father and doctor. Below are 3 Big Challenges Parents of Teenage Girls Face Today, and How To Help

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Managing social isolation and re-emergence after pandemic. Kids don’t know how to interact with others and often view people with fear (of infection) rather than joy of meeting a new person.

Beware of social media. Instagram and other social media apps are poisonous for many teenage girls. With the pandemic and greater physical isolation, managing social media is more important than ever.

Inactivity or avoiding participation Decreased participation in school and recreational athletics harms the physical and mental health of our teenage girls. It also worsens their body image.

Sign your girls up for athletics. Over 90% of c-suite women played sports. For girls, participation in youth athletics might be the single most important thing you can do as a parent to help your daughters succeed.

Give girls more choices, within reason. Making decisions is a skill that’s developed with practice.

Meditation and mindfulness.

Connect them to the community. Either your religious institution, a club, or a charity. Help your daughter feel connected to the larger.