(SPONSORED) —  Whether it’s 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fusion Crushed, or Flavor Infused Olive Oil, the Olive Tap really focuses on providing its customers with only the freshest, premium products from around the world. 

Owner of the Olive Tap, Rick Petrocelly, brought the deliciousness al fresco style to the streets of Manitou Springs this morning, sharing the flavors with Loving Living Local host Nova.

Olive Tap oils come from impeccably credentialed, award-winning producers worldwide and are tested to meet or exceed U.S. and International Standards. Authentic Balsamic Vinegar must come from Modena, Italy. There are two types—traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: Very thick, expensive, and aged at least 12 years.

These incredible kinds of vinegar and oils complemented together on a simple watermelon salad Rick created. The simplicity of Italian cooking is how it’s supposed to use the freshest ingredients.