Don’t sweat! There’s still time to lose belly fat and get your tummy in shape this summer!

Matt Schechner, Physical Trainer and Author of Don’t Sweat 60, has three major factors that he believes contribute to someone’s weight loss success – specifically losing belly fat.

1) Increase activity, get up and get moving! Schechner swears that even a simple walk can make all the difference. When it comes to effective abdominal exercises, Schechner’s go to is what he calls, “the super crunch” and leg lift. See demonstration in segment.

2) “Abs are made in the kitchen” Eating the right foods will get you the maximum results, according to Schechner. He says processed foods, sugar, and intaking excess calories are major contributors to belly fat. So, eliminate all those foods you KNOW deep down are bad for you, and be prepared to watch the fat disappear before your eyes.

3) No excuses, everyone can do it! No matter your size, shape, history, or future, you should be excited because YOU CAN lose belly fat. Schechner says if you stay consistently active, and eliminate bad foods, it cannot not work! Just follow Don’t Sweat 60’s basic rules for success.