(SPONSORED) — Next week, a special event will take place in Colorado Springs to honor Officers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. The 38th Annual Medal of Valor Dinner, organized by the esteemed Police Foundation of Colorado Springs, is set to take place on Thursday, September 14, offering a valuable opportunity to rally support for our local law enforcement. FOX21 Evening Anchor Scott Kilbury will emcee the event.

In a recent visit to the CSPD Training Academy, Krista Witiak spoke with Nicole Magic and Sergeant Marcus Van Ooyen about the Medal of Valor Dinner and the importance of adequate training in law enforcement.

The Police Foundation of Colorado Springs brings the community and local businesses together to support our local men and women in blue and our local police department’s mission to make Colorado Springs a better, safer place to live.

To make donations, learn more about the 38th Annual Medal of Valor Dinner, or other ways to support the Police Foundation and the Colorado Springs Police, go to PFCOS.org.