As part of the CO Springs Moms Collective’s Summer of Kindness campaign, the group will be hosting summer park playdates to give parents and kids an opportunity to meet, mingle and play. CO Springs Moms are also using this as an opportunity to provide kids with a chance to complete a kindness activity.

Their Park Playdates are held from 10 – 11 a.m. at Stonehaven Park in Wolf Ranch. The next Playdate is Thursday, June 23, with another taking place on Thursday, July 14. There will be goodie bags for the kids, as well as cotton candy.

The Meltdown will also be on site offering up ice cream treats and providing free kindness scoops for any kiddos who have completed their 5 kindness deeds.

At the June 23 Playdate, CO Springs Moms will help kids with the required ‘Show Kindness to an Animal’ kindness deed. They will provide supplies and instructions for completing a bird feeder that kids can hang up in their yard or neighborhood.

Earlier in the month, kids decorated meal bags for Project Angel Heart. For more information on CO Springs Moms events, head to

Erica Colston with CO Springs Moms Collective stopped by Loving Living Local to promote the Summer of Kindness Playdates, and talk about how kids grow when they learn about kindness.