Best West Tire & Service is helping 2022 graduates gain experience in the real world by offering summer intern opportunities.

As summer is a busy time of year for Best West Tire & Service, General Manager, Matt Fengler, says there will be intern opportunities available in many areas of the business. He stopped by Loving Living Local to touch on the wide variety of positions and what an ideal intern is for Best West Tire & Service.

Positions include, working on vehicles in shop, to helping in the parts departments, accounting and book keeping, sales, social media and marketing. Best West Tire & Service is looking for reliable, talented recent graduates who may have interest in learning more about the automotive industry and or a small business. Additionally, Auto Class students looking for hands on experience to get their foot in the door during the summer and decide if the automotive industry is a fitting career path.

If you’re interested in becoming an intern with Best West Tire & Service, email General Manager, Matt Fengler at:

You can also learn more on their website: Best West Tire & Service Inc.

Best West Tire & Service North: (719) 593-8473 Facebook – North
Best West Tire & Service South: (719) 390-9455 Facebook – South