(COLORADO) — It was all about shooting hoops on Wednesday, July 12 on Loving Living Local as a new Colorado-made product called Hoop Secure, is the latest product design that stops your basketball hoop from falling over. Co-Owner Stephen Price of Hoop Secure, joined Nova outside the studio on Wednesday to show the new design.

Hoop Secure began after the company owners noticed that many hoops across several neighborhoods in Colorado were being weighted down with buckets, bins, stones, sand, and much more, which don’t work consistently. The items can even fall over causing damage to property, the hoop itself, and even in some cases, people.

Hoop Secure allows people to put sandbags or gravel bags inside and distribute them evenly. The Hoop Secure bag can hold over 300 lbs in weight. So, if someone is dunking on the ring or there are strong winds, the portable basketball hoop will not fall over.

Hoop Secure blends into the background, leaving customers with not only a safe product but a great looking one too. The bag is ergonomically designed to fit over the base and secure around the pole.

After working with countless HOAs, Hoop Secure has carefully built a way that is homeowner association friendly for all neighborhoods.

Hoop Secure is offering FOX21 and Loving Living Local viewers 20% off using the code ‘FOX21’ at the website hoopsecure.com for the next 30 days, from July 12, 2023.