Founder and CEO of Spark Grills, Ben West, stopped by Loving Living Local to share how everyone can step up their grilling game this summer with flavorful, high quality results.

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Spark Grills has created the first and only fully integrated charcoal Briq fueled cooking and grilling system with an unrivaled 250–900-degree Fahrenheit precision, dial-controlled temperature range – it takes the guesswork out of cooking with charcoal, and delivers consistent, flavorful results.

The unparalleled versatility of the Spark Grill delivers fiery charcoal flavor and endless creative culinary possibilities when grilling. A Swiss-army knife-like grill, the 3-in-1 Spark Grill can function as a grill, smoker, and pizza oven. The Spark Grill offers the widest temperature range on the market, with low-and-slow capabilities at 250F up to a searing 900F. The high heat capabilities make it possible to transform the Spark into a restaurant-quality pizza oven that cooks Neapolitan-style pizzas within minutes.

The brand’s hand-pressed, custom charcoal Briqs are specially designed with a blend of natural hardwoods to infuse incredible, delicious flavor into any foods prepared on the grill. Plus, The Briqs are engineered for a variety of different cooking times and temperature ranges, providing the flexibility to grill a variety of foods and cuisines – what’s more, there is no messy traditional Briquettes or lighter fluid ever needed.

Ignition is quick and simple. With just the turn of a dial, your charcoal is ready to cook within 10 minutes– setup and clean-up are seamless and mess-free. Spark is a stylish, functional, and versatile home addition boasting a sturdy steel frame and a double-walled porcelain-enameled shell in two chic colors: black and navy blue. – Spark Grills