Nestled between Manitou Springs and Woodland Park is the small town of Green Mountain Falls, CO. Over the years, this town has made a name for itself through art, offering an annual Arts Festival.

Green Box Executive Director, Scott Levy, sat with Keni Mac to share how Green Mountain Falls is celebrating it’s 14th year of it’s Green Box Arts Festival in 2022, including a year-round artists-in-residency program, Arts Education & Art Installations.

Levy noted that this year, Southern Colorado can experience a cornucopia of visual and performing arts events for all ages at the Green Box Festival, including; Ballet Hispanico Performances, Free 4th of July Block Party with The Denver Dolls, El Twanguero & Water Lantern Launch, Jessica Fichot in Concert, and the new Green Mountain Falls Skyspace by James Turrell.

Green Mountain Falls Skyspace stands at 18-feet-tall and was commissioned by the Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation. Levy says it’s a one-of-a-kind kinetic light and color encounter—a sensory and contemplative experience unlike anywhere else in the world. In fact, the town’s beloved new Skyspace is truly globally unique, being one of the few in the world with a retractable roof. This feature allows for “closed roof” shows to occur outside of the Sunrise and Sunset experiences.

Don’t miss out this summer, go to to get tickets for the 14th celebration of Green Mountain Falls’ “Green Box Festival”.