(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Easter celebrations in Poland and worldwide continue Monday, April 10, with the traditional Polish holiday Śmigus-Dyngus. Śmigus-Dyngus is a Roman Catholic celebration held on Easter Monday across Central Europe, in small parts of Eastern and Southern Europe. The tradition is widely associated with Poland and is observed by Polish Diaspora communities, particularly among Polish Americans who call it Dyngus Day.

Loving Living Local host Nova was taken back to his childhood this morning while visiting Mika’s Pierogi Kitchen in Colorado Springs. Owner Mika Mills showcased traditional Polish cuisine, which included Kopytka (potato dumplings), Pulpety (pork meatballs in dill sauce), and Mika’s delicious Pierogi.

Mika’s Pierogi Kitchen brings the taste of Poland to the Pikes Peak region with a wonderful selection of home-cooked Polish food. They also have Easter baskets which include Golabki Rolls, kielbasa sides, and home-cooked pierogi packs, which are 20% off.

Head to the website for all the information about Mika’s Pierogi Kitchen and menu options.